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Invitation to Bid Announcement:

ALJP2015-Services RFP Released 02/25/2015


ALJP2015 ITB - Awards

The response evaluations for the ALJP2015 ITB have been completed by the ALJP Committee.  Notifications to awarded vendors are being processed and will be sent soon via email.


ALJP General Contracts

Count= 77
Adobe3/8/20133/7/2016Howard Technology Solutions
Aerohive3/8/20133/7/2016Howard Technology Solutions
AirWatch3/8/20133/7/2016Howard Technology Solutions
Apple5/1/20134/30/2016Apple, Inc.
AQUOS Boards & Projectors3/8/20133/7/2016Sharp Electronics
Aruba 13/8/20133/7/2016Dell Marketing, L.P.
Aruba 23/8/20133/7/2016CDWG
AT&T Wireless 2/27/20136/30/2016AT&T Mobility National Accounts LLC
AVer3/8/20133/7/2016AVer Information Inc
Axis3/8/20133/7/2016Howard Technology Solutions
Barracuda3/8/20133/7/2016Howard Technology Solutions
BenQ3/8/20133/7/2016Howard Technology Solutions
Casio3/8/20133/7/2016Howard Technology Solutions
Cisco3/8/20133/7/2016Cisco Systems, Inc.
DELL3/8/20133/7/2016Dell Marketing, L.P.
Dukane3/8/20133/7/2016Dukane Corporation
Earthwalk3/8/20133/7/2016Howard Technology Solutions
eBeam3/8/20133/7/2016Luidia, Inc.
eduGear3/8/20133/7/2016CDI Computer Dealers Inc.
Elmo3/8/20133/7/2016ELMO USA Corp.
EMC3/8/20133/7/2016EMC Corporation
Enterasys3/8/20133/7/2016Enterasys Networks, Inc.
Epson3/8/20133/7/2016Epson America, Inc.
Extreme3/8/20133/7/2016Howard Technology Solutions
FrontRow3/8/20133/7/2016Howard Technology Solutions
Fujitsu3/8/20133/7/2016Fujitsu America, Inc
Howard Computers3/8/20133/7/2016Howard Technology Solutions
HP Computers3/8/20133/7/2016Hewlett-Packard Company
HP Network Equipment3/8/20133/7/2016Hewlet Packard
Lexmark3/8/20133/7/2016Lexmark International, Inc.
Liebert3/8/20133/7/2016Liebert Corporation
Lifesize3/8/20133/7/2016Howard Technology Solutions
Microsoft3/8/20133/7/2016Dell Marketing, L.P.
Microsoft3/8/20133/7/2016Hewlett Packard Company
Mimio3/8/20133/7/2016Howard Technology Solutions
Motorola3/8/20133/7/2016Motorola Solutions, Inc.
NEC Display3/8/20133/7/2016NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc.
NetApp3/8/20133/7/2016NetApp, Inc.
Network Equipment-Alcatel Lucent3/8/20133/7/2016Alcatel-Lucent
Nexlink3/8/20133/7/2016Senica Data Distributors, Inc.
Panasonic 3/8/20133/7/2016Panasonic System Communications Company of North America Division of Panasonic Corporation of North America
Polycom3/8/20133/7/2016Polycom, Inc.
Promethean3/8/20133/7/2016Promethean, Inc.
QOMO Hitevision3/8/20133/7/2016QOMO Hitevision
Remanufactured IT Equipment (PartStock)3/8/20133/7/2016PartStock Computer
Remanufacturred IT Equipment (CDI)3/8/20133/7/2016CDI Computer Dealers, Inc.
SAFE Alert System3/8/20133/7/2016CORE Education and Consulting Solutions, Inc
Samsung3/8/20133/7/2016Samsung Techwin America
Samsung Electronics3/8/20133/7/2016Samsung Electronics America, Inc.
SMART Products3/8/20133/7/2016SMART Technologies
Sony3/8/20133/7/2016Sony Electronics Inc
SouthernLINC Wireless2/27/20136/30/2016SouthernLINC Wireless
Steelcase3/8/20133/7/2016Steelcase, Inc.
Telecommunication & Internet Access Services2/19/20146/30/2017AT&T
Telecommunications & Internet Access Services2/4/20146/30/2017Information Transport Solutions (ITS)
Telecommunications & Internet Access Services2/14/20146/30/2017CenturyLink
Telecommunications & Internet Access Services2/19/20146/30/2017Contact Network, LLC dba InLine
Telecommunications & Internet Access Services2/14/20146/30/2017CenturyLink - LongDistance Only
Trend Micro3/8/20133/7/2016CDWG
Tripp Lite3/8/20133/6/2016Trippe Manufacturing
Verizon Wireless2/27/20136/30/2016Verizon Wireless
ViewSonic3/8/20133/7/2016ViewSonic Corporation
VMWare3/8/20133/7/2016Dell Marketing, L.P.
Xirrus3/8/20133/7/2016Xirrus, Inc.











Telecommunications and Internet Access Services -

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Technology Coordinators Only 

If you are logged in properly you will see a list of product lines submitted for committee's consideration in ANY upcoming ALJP ITBs. If you do not see a specific product line listed below then you may add a new request by selecting "new item" and completing the form properly. If you do see a product line listed then you may rate it on the likely hood you will need or purchase from an ALJP Contract consisting of that product and/or its equivalency.   ALL Technology Coordinators should rate all of the submissions in an effort to assist the committee.  DO NOT ADD a Product Line Currently under contract (see left of this page).  DO NOT TRY TO submit a Product Line already submitted. If it is already listed just rate it.


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