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LEA and Other Participants
The following entities have completed the necessary documentation to participate as a "LEA Group Member" or specified entity type per law.  Public K-12 schools are automatically to be included whether they appear in the listing or not.

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​** Requires permission from Department of Finance

 Alabama Public K-12 LEAs are inclusive..

ALJP School System & Eleemosynary Participation Form​ ​

Instructions: Complete as Party B (include witness signature) and email to Devlynne Barnes at

​Public Libraries: As of March 17, 2014 Alabama's Public Libraries are eligible to participate.


If the LEA policy allows, then the schools within each LEA (School System) may choose to purchase from ALJP contracts. Contact the LEA (System) Technology Coordinator for more information.  The ALJP program does not provide this list to vendors.  You may find this and other contact information here.