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Broadband Connectivity/Data Transport


Invitation to Bid Opportunity – ALJP2016LSPAN ITB

Intent to Award Notification​ - (Posted 04/21/2016)


Bid Opening March 30, 2016 - 09:00 AM 

Alabama State Department of Education

Dr. Willie J. Paul Conference Room (RM5229)

(AKA - Career Technical Conference Room)

Gordon Persons Building

50 N. Ripley St.

Montgomery, Alabama 36104

After entry to building at Jackson/Monroe: Go to main Rotunda elevator. Go up to the 5th Floor. Check in and Sign-in at our security desk on the 5th floor Rotunda.  Indicate you are attending the ALJP2016 LSPAN Bid Opening in the Dr. Willie J. Paul Conference Room (RM5229).  Contacts for entry are Rhett Cutts and/or Lori Newton.

Limited Seating available (40).


The ALSDE is seeking bid proposals for equivalent Wide Area Network Broadband Transport Services in the form of both Fully Managed Lit Fiber Services and Self-Provisioned Fiber Services.  To meet the ever-changing and dynamic funding source requirements for public schools and libraries across the State, the ALSDE is seeking both project bundled and subsequent unbundled pricing when possible. Preference will be given to the unbundled pricing structure, if proposed. Interested vendors may provide a proposal, or proposals, for all or any portion of the services listed within this ITB. Multiple vendors may be awarded contracts for all or any portion of their response depending upon the cost effectiveness and the size and scope of the resulting projects.  All pricing submitted in proposals shall be in the amount "not to exceed". This will allow awarded vendors the option to decrease pricing depending upon market and competition in the event multiple awards are made for same services. 

Resulting contract(s) from this ITB will be available for a period that does not exceed 60 months, or to the extent the law allows.  The initial period of the contract(s) will be 60 months.  However, each resulting contract may be reviewed annually for price redetermination in order to maintain lowest corresponding pricing. Additional, terms and conditions with respect to installation, service start dates, and service end dates may apply to the specified services listed within this ITB.

The ALSDE is seeking qualified vendors who are experts in their field but also sound in their business operations as well. Responding vendors should hold a current ISO 9001-2008 or ISO 9001-2015 Certification or an equivalent certification indicating quality management of the responding company's business operations and longevity. The provision of documentation indicating the company's stability will be the responding vendor's responsibility. The responder must be aware of and also provide all required certifications, licenses or other credentials required to perform the proposed services within the State of Alabama and those credentials indicating the meeting of Industry standards. The responder should stress their local and state footprint as well. The ALSDE does prefer a respondent that can serve all Public Schools and Public Libraries as well as their related facilities located within the State of Alabama.......(Download the Invitation to Bid Documents ALJP2016LSPAN.pdf and ALJP2016LSPAN_SMC.xlsx for official information and instructions located in the documents section of this website) 

 LSPN2016 Mini-Quote/Bid Listing
The following map is a represention of the schools and libraries listed within the ITB as FY2016 projects (internal mini-bids) only.  Additional mini-bids will be made for FY2017, FY2018 and others as needed.  All mapping information is for informational purposes only.




Intent to Award ALJP2016LPAN ITB.pdf

 Respondents Web Conference - Required

Thursday, March 3, 2016
2:00 pm  |  Central Standard Time (Chicago, GMT-06:00)  |  1 hr
Presentation is required!!
After your request has been approved, you'll receive instructions for joining the meeting.